How to Sublimate on 100% Cotton T-Shirts with DTF Film & Sublimation ink ?


How to Sublimate on 100% Cotton T-Shirts with DTF Film & Sublimation ink ?

Sublimation printing on 100% cotton T-shirts has long been a challenge for creators due to the limitations of traditional sublimation methods. However, with the emergence of innovative techniques like the DTF sublimation hack, achieving vibrant and durable prints on cotton garments is now within reach. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to leverage the DTF sublimation hack to transform plain cotton T-shirts into personalized works of art.

Understanding the DTF Sublimation Hack

The DTF sublimation hack revolutionizes the sublimation process by incorporating an adhesive powder into the printing procedure. This powder acts as a bonding agent between the sublimation ink and the cotton fabric, allowing for seamless transfer of designs onto 100% cotton garments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sublimating on 100% Cotton T-Shirts

Prepare Your Design: Begin by creating or selecting the design you wish to transfer onto the cotton T-shirt. Remember to mirror the design before printing to ensure the correct orientation.


Printing on DTF Film: Print the design onto your transfer paper using sublimation inks. Loading the DTF sheet and setting your print quality at “Normal,” Don’t forget to print your design as a mirror image.

If there is the feeding problem ,You can take a piece of copier paper and attach it to the DTF sheet using painter’s tape, and it feeds through great!


Apply Adhesive Powder: Once the design is printed on the DTF film, evenly sprinkle adhesive powder over the entire surface of the printed design while the ink is still wet. The adhesive powder will adhere to the ink, creating a tacky surface.


Curing the Adhesive: Transfer the DTF film with the adhesive-coated design to a heat press or curing machine. Apply heat and pressure to activate the adhesive and ensure proper bonding between the ink and the adhesive powder.


Prepare the Cotton T-Shirt: Pre-heat the cotton T-shirt using the heat press to remove any moisture and wrinkles, ensuring a smooth surface for transfer.

If you are using sublimation ink , we recommend light fabric with white powder !


Align and Transfer: Carefully place the cured DTF film with the design facing down onto the pre-heated cotton T-shirt. Ensure proper alignment of the design on the garment.


Apply Heat and Pressure: Once the design is aligned, cover it with a protective sheet and apply heat and pressure using the heat press. Follow the recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings for sublimating onto cotton.


Cooling and Peeling: After the sublimation process is complete, allow the garment to cool before carefully peeling away the DTF film. Be cautious to avoid smudging or damaging the transferred design.


Final Touches: Once the film is removed, inspect the transferred design for any imperfections. If necessary, re-press the design for additional adhesion.


Enjoy Your Custom Creation: Your sublimated 100% cotton T-shirt is now ready to wear or share! Enjoy the vibrant colors and durable print that the DTF sublimation hack has made possible.


Check out the video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions! You choose how you want to learn to do this project! 



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