1.Used for digital engraving-free direct inkjet printing, good ink absorption, brigt colors, and soft hand feeling.

2.Easy to operate, natural color, good tear resistance and no deformation;

3.Non-stick of the redundant powders;

4.Support small patterns and texts of multi-colors.

How to use A-SUB DTF Transfer Film


Print image with mirror image setting

Spreading powder

Sprinkle hot melt powder on the image.

Shake powder

Shake off the hot melt powder.


Put the film in a microwave oven to dry,(TEMP130℃, TIME 5-8s).

Transfer printing

Image side faced down on the clothes, add a release paper,(TEMP 150-160℃/302-320F, TIME 10s).

Cold peel

Peel off the film when cooled

A-SUB DTF Transfer Film A4 30 Sheets

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$6 (24%)
  • 【Superb Glossy Sheets】DTF film is designed for double-sided coating. The print side is a non-slip coating and the reverse side is smoother than the print side to help you differentiate. NOTE: The effect of using the cold peel operation is more stable than the hot peel.
  • 【No Need WEEDING】No Pretreat DTF transfer film saves you time and money. Can be created, printed and cut to your desired size and printed directly on any fabric.
  • 【Vivid Color and Durable】DTF transfer paper has a high color yield, and the high transfer rate accomplishes vivid, clear colors. Washable, soft to the touch and durable. (Note: You need to prepare DTF printer, DTF ink, DTF powder)
  • 【Works with All Fabrics】DTF paper is suitable for all color fabrics, including dark, black, bright, white, etc. Works with all material fabrics: including cotton, jeans, leather, blends, spandex, nylon, canvas, polyester, etc.
  • 【Wide Application】Compatible with all DTF printers, including epson inkjet printers L1800 F2100 ET4700 XP15000. Note: Please prepare DTF film, DTF ink, DTF powder, DTF printer in advance before starting your pattern transfer. If you have any questions, please contact us any time.

A3/A4 Size Available

24% off
A-SUB DTF Transfer Film A4 30 Sheets
A-SUB DTF Transfer Film A4 30 Sheets
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ASUB DTF Transfer Film  A3 100 Sheets
ASUB DTF Transfer Film A3 100 Sheets
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A-SUB DTF Transfer Film A3 25 Sheets
A-SUB DTF Transfer Film A3 30 Sheets
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How to use A-SUB DTF Transfer Film


What I need if i want to start DTF

You need to prepare DTF printer, DTF ink, DTF powder

What Can We Print With DTF?

DTF film can be used on many kinds of substrates. It is different from sublimation paper, waterslide decal paper, and T-shirt transfer paper.DTF film can print with more different kinds of textile substrates, including leather resistant to high temperatures.Thus, the DTF film can heat transfer on handbags, wallets, and suitcases which are made of leather resistant to high temperatures, too.

How to Use DTF Film?

First of all, we need to prepare all the materials and machines referred to before. And we should modify the nozzle of the printer before we print the patterns. The modified nozzle can ensure the high quality of the printing.

After printing, we need to fully spray the powder on average right now after printing and shake the over-sprayed powder down.

Finally, use the heat press to heat transfer the image for 10-20 seconds. Preheating the heat press at 160℃-170℃ helps the image be transferred to the substrates better. Moreover, the DTF film can be peeled both at high and low temperatures.