Easy to Make shirt using A-SUB Paper!

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A-SUB Sublimation Paper

A-Sub sublimation paper is a high-quality transfer paper designed for printing images or designs onto various surfaces using sublimation ink. Its superior coating ensures vibrant and durable prints, making it ideal for creating personalized Father's Day gifts like custom mugs, t-shirts, or photo frames.

New Technology


A-SUB DTF Film offers a versatile solution for creating personalized Father's Day gifts on any fabric. With its high-quality printing capabilities and compatibility with various textiles, it enables the transfer of vibrant designs onto shirts, aprons, or other fabric items. The film comes in a range of colors, allowing for more creative freedom to match Dad's style.

Puff Style

3D Puff Vinyl

A-Sub 3D Puff offers a unique way to enhance Father's Day gifts with its dimensional designs. Compatible with any fabric, this heat transfer vinyl allows you to add texture and depth to your creations, making them stand out

Give Dad the gift of choice this Father's Day!

A-SUB Gift Card
A-SUB Gift Card
A-SUB Gift Card
A-SUB Gift Card
A-SUB Gift Card
A-SUB Gift Card
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  • Optional Cover

    Different covers cater to various holiday scenes, making your gift cards more appealing
  • Schedule delivery

    Say goodbye to last-minute rushes or missed opportunities – scheduling feature ensures that your gift cards arrive promptly, leaving a lasting impression on those you wish to delight.

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