The Advantages of A-SUB DTF Fine-Medium Powder: 500g vs1kg


The Advantages of A-SUB DTF Fine-Medium Powder: 500g vs1kg

Direct to Film (DTF) printing has revolutionized the garment industry, offering vibrant and durable prints on various fabrics. A crucial component of DTF printing is the transfer powder, which facilitates the adhesion of ink to the fabric. When it comes to choosing the right quantity of DTF powder, there are several factors to consider, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and storage convenience. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of opting for a 500g pack of A-SUB DTF Fine-Medium Powder compared to a 1kg pack.


Purchasing a 500g pack of A-SUB DTF powder is often more cost-effective for individuals or businesses with moderate printing volumes. While the upfront cost may be lower, it still provides an ample quantity of powder for printing multiple designs. In contrast, a 1kg pack requires a larger investment upfront, which may not be suitable for those with lower printing needs.


Smaller quantities of DTF powder offer greater flexibility, especially for users who require multiple colors or types of powder but don't need large amounts of each. With a 500g pack, users can experiment with different colors and types of prints without the risk of excess unused powder. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those involved in customized printing or small-scale production

Storage Convenience

500g packs of A-SUB DTF powder are easier to store and handle compared to 1kg packs. They take up less space and are more manageable to handle during the printing process. For users with limited storage space or those who don't use DTF powder frequently, the smaller pack size offers greater convenience.

Accessibility for Small Businesses and Hobbyists

500g packs of A-SUB DTF powder provide an accessible entry point into DTF printing for small businesses or hobbyists. With a lower upfront investment and manageable pack size, individuals can explore DTF printing without overcommitting resources. This accessibility encourages experimentation and creativity, driving innovation in the printing industry

In conclusion, while both 500g and 1kg packs of A-SUB DTF Fine-Medium DTF Powder have their merits, the advantages of opting for a 500g pack are clear, especially for those looking for cost-effective, flexible, and convenient solutions for their printing needs.


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