Q:Why Sublimation?

A: With the Dye Sublimation Transfer Process, you can print high quality digital images on a huge variety of items made of any material that is treated or polymer coated or garments made of polyester. The imprinting is accomplished using a printer, special sublimation inks, paper and a heat press.

Q:How does sublimation work?

A: Basically, you're transferring a special ink onto a special surface using heat. Using your Epson inkjet printer equipped with sublimation inks, you print to a high-quality inkjet coated paper. Then you position your printed page against the item to be printed (image facing the item), secure it if you need to (recommended for mugs and other hard items). You may want to use a Teflon sheet (or pellon sheet for mugs) to protect your item from scorching and to keep "ghost images" from being deposited on your heat platen, which may later be transferred to the next item you press (Just position the sheet between the heat element and the item). Then press. Be careful when removing the printed sheet, if it shifts against the item you printed, it may produce a "ghost image".

Q: What printer do I need?

A: Our manufacturer has only been able to adapt this process to Epson printers. The Epson Stylus 800, 850, and 900 are the smaller printers that can be adapted. The Epson 1520 and 3000 are also adaptable to the process and can print much larger areas. Remember - It may not be better for your purposes to have a larger printer. If the items you will be printing are smaller than 8"X10.5", you will only need the 800, 850, or 900. Also, be aware of the area limitations of your heat press. The 3000 uses 4 separate ink cartridges, (CMYK), while some other printers use one black cartridge and one tri-color cartridge.

Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A:We are a factory with 15 coating lines .High speed coating speed(500M/Minute)+Stable Quality(Using full imported base paper)+Fast Delivery Time.

Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A:Our factory is located in Jiankang Road, XinggongTown, Danyang city, Jiangsu Province, China, about 1.5 hours train from Shanghai Hongqiao Station .All our clients,from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!

Q:How can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples. Samples is free, you only need to pay the freight fee or using your own TNT/DHL/Fedex etc account.

Q:Which paper product is best for photo?

A:All of our Koala photo paper will easily produce photos, so the choice will depend on which surface finish you prefer. Resin coated paper is easy to process and dry flat and would be a good choice for starting out.

Q:What is RC Photo Paper?

A:RC means resin coated. There is actually a paper layer sandwiched between two layers of polythene. This means the paper layer does not get wet during processing.

Q:How long will my photo prints last?

A: Properly processed prints will last for many decades. Much depends on the care taken during fixing and washing and protection from pollutants during display.